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We are currently working with Ghiasi Designs and it’s been an amazing experience so far! Arash has done it for over 20 years, so anything from furniture selection and materials selection, he has been on point, not jeopardizing our own style but at the same time elevating us to another level of existence and challenging to truly transform life along with transforming space. Very patient, honest, and fun and easy to work with. People were very impressed with our choice of designer and his selections everywhere I went with him or taking his samples and our house is coming together beautifully. I am managing renovations myself and he has been tremendously helpful, kind and patient but honest when it comes to my questions of choices, placements. Although our contract was for design and furniture, not project management, when he kindly offered one of his subcontractors to me when I needed extensive lighting work in my house , I had a glimpse of the quality and a value that he could bring to the turn key and project management contracts. Even during our initial phone consultation and then first face to face meeting/2 hrs consultation, I was impressed with how intuitive and sensitive Arash is to the needs of the client and also space solutions. We have eventually listened to most of his initial advice and the one I didn’t listen to, I looked back and thought: I should have listened. So if you hire Ghiasi Designs for your project, submit to his creative genius and enjoy the process!

Natalja K.

Arash is excellent. He is patient, creative, flexible and, most importantly, reliable. He listened to our ideas and then designed around them. He has great ideas and vision about paint, furniture, rugs, art and overall interior design. He was hands on at every step making sure that we were happy. He transformed our house and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to working with him on our next project!

Almas T.

Our experience was excellent. Arash was very responsive and professional during the entire process. He was able to listen to our needs, and offer suggestions and listen to our feedback. He was able to show us design ideas that we would have never thought of on our own. We felt the process was valuable and really solidified our project layout and design. Thanks!

Steve W.

Arash was very easy to work with. He provided great design recommendations and feedback throughout my project. He was always accessible and available to provide insight while i was making selections. I would use him again on my next project!

Ellen T.

Arash was fantastic to work with. He really knows his stuff. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, it really shows in his ability to notice areas of improvement immediately upon walking into a room. We were on a much lower budget as we're looking to spruce up an already running ARBNB. He really understood our budget and did a great job working within it, to identify the biggest bang for our buck improvements. Often as simple as "moving this over there" to open up the room. When we were sitting down after the initial walkthrough he even gave us plenty of free advice for our own home that we were sitting in. You can tell this is his passion. Finally there were quite a few pieces of art that we'd purchased ourselves or were otherwise attached to. He really had the social presence to know when to push (with tact) and when to leave things so as to not call our baby ugly. Due to our budget we ended up doing just a quick in person, and he spent another hour or so with me sending a list of items to me for me to purchase. In spite of this, he's been available after we paid via text or phone to answer "I know you told me to buy this, but is this lamp that I found at Home Goods ok?" Overall, he's great to work with. When we setup our next home, we'll definitely be using him from the very beginning to setup the entire home. Highly recommended!

John M.

I was unsure about this whole interior designer thing, but the customer service alone was so good that it put me at ease. I felt so comfortable with the whole process I immediately signed up with Ghiasi Designs. The care and passion makes them stand out and I couldn't be happier.

Jonathan L.

When I bought my first new home, I knew I had a small bit of remodeling to do to fix some previous water damage, but within 30 minutes of getting the keys I realized the project was about 3x bigger and I needed to design 2 bathrooms from scratch. Now I am a woman of many skills but interior design is not one. I just wish I called Arash immediately. I had picked the tile I liked and was struggling with how to pull everything together with what the previous owner had recently done. I initially thought I would just get a quick color consultation for my paint selection, and I quickly realized that his advice was invaluable and suddenly a weight was lifted off my shoulders. He quickly got me on the right path with my plans so I could be more efficient with my contractor. I decided to go ahead and hire him to furnish my living area and can't wait to see what we come up with. Without Arash, my sanity might not have survived the next couple weeks. But now I'm confident that I'm really going to end up with the home of my dreams.

Ona R

Arash is a wonderful person and talented designer. With only a few pictures, he was able to provide excellent advice on how to best achieve our design goals. Arash is kind and honest. He was straightforward with me about the changes we would need to make in order to realize our dream of a cohesive, zen environment. Arash is patient and considerate of your goals and needs. I look forward to working with him again and will absolutely refer him to friends.

Jessica T

We hired Arash to help with the design and layout of our new company office (13,000 square feet). Working within our tenant improvement allowance, he helped us select everything from carpet, laminate, base, paint and furniture layout. So far we have had two - 2 hour meetings and we are very close to completion. Arash is extremely easy to work with and provides humor along the way. Very professional and always on time. I would recommend Arash to any company looking for professional advice.

Doreen S

Arash is a gifted interior designer and was very intuitive our individual style. He is very attentive to detail and worked arduously to deliver fabulous results!


We just agreed a few days ago to work together on my project, new floors, color analysis and painting plus a lighting plan (incl art studio) and installation for the entire house. And we are already 25% done. A rash is easy to work with and very committed to make you happy while delivering in a very timely manner. He brings all his skills to the project regardless despite the specifics- so extremely value add. He's taken a great weight off my shoulders while being a great team player and professional. I can't wait to see the completed project.

Cynthia C

Arash approaches his work for you as an older brother. He cares about the design so much and owns the project as if it were his own home. He will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and proud of the final product. I know he spent many hours outside of our meetings to research options within our budget and time frame. What I enjoyed most about working with Arash is how he educated me on my options, and ultimately guided me to the best decision.

Arash worked meticulously to make sure the 7200 square feet of office space was cohesively designed. He introduced new and hip products such as glass whiteboards, eco-friendly fountains, simple sit/stand desk options, and contemporary paint colors. He also offers a bonus service of picking out and designing custom furniture, and guided us through the process of assessing fabric quality and durability, aesthetics, color matching, pricing, and placement of furniture. He has an incredible amount of patience and has done nothing but good for our business.

Julianne H

I hired Arash Ghiasi to help me both with interior design ideas, and with the management and organization of the whole project. I am sure I will follow up with another review while the project is over, but there is a lot I can say even at this initial stage of the project.

If you are looking for someone enthusiastic, inspired and inspiring, energetic and very knowledgeable, Arash is the interior designer you are looking for.

He has already helped us a lot with space organization and colour selection, and the overall image of our space. As an artist (a painter) myself, I know quite a deal about color, and I can tell you -- Arash knows what he is doing when he chooses or suggests colors, and he has this rare ability to "synchronize" his thinking with your own feelings and ideas, which is is absolutely essential for an interior designer. The whole process was smooth, quick, and inspiring.

As for the space organization, he offered us a solution for an area we've been struggling with for years. And it had a hallmark of all excellent design solutions: it felt completely right and (kind of) obvious when he suggested it. How could we not find it ourselves??? But the truth is, we didn't -- even though a lot of thinking went into it.

All in all, we are very impressed with his work, his ideas, and his energy. I would recommend him to any friend who is looking for an interior designer.

Elena M

Arash helped me design my retail gadget store. After dealing with a prior designer who just didn't understand my vision, it was a blessing that I found Arash. Just speaking to him for the first time you can tell he is a special person. He took time to really understand my vision and dreams for my business. He spent countless hours on the phone with me to not only design my store but to build a solid foundation for my business. Each element of the store was carefully thought out. He would always give me options, then ask for my input, and give his input. We spent about 3 months designing my store together and I am so happy with the results! I told Arash that I wanted store that is unique and cool looking and that is exactly what I got. Almost everything was custom made and the quality is top notch. Everyone who enters my business now is very impressed with the look and feel of the store. He treated me like a brother and my business as his own. I would recommend Arash to anyone who needs help with design or business consulting. He is so knowledgeable and the definition of passionate!

Thinh N

Highly recommended !!!
Arash has been helping us with designing our living +dining room .
The first day he came in to our home , he suggested a few changes to our existing furniture in terms of placement and with just that our home looked so different /better.
His eye for design is impeccable !

What I really liked about Arash is that he listens to my husband's and my preferences and offers a style that meets both our needs. He takes time to understand our taste and come up with design suggestions.
He is very knowledgeable and professional.

We are still in the process of transforming the space and I am very excited to see what he comes up with !

I would highly recommend Arash to anyone looking to hire a designer who really listens to his clients and delivers in everyway !!!

Rucha D.

Arash did a great job helping to design our family room and dining room to our tastes and within budget. He was very responsive and thoughtful throughout the process. When Arash initially visited our home, he also walked through and provided recommendations on where to hang the art we already had.

In retrospect, I was a little surprised he didn't measure our relatively small family room or provide measurements of the sofas we decided on. The sofas are beautiful and we're keeping them for sure, but we were initially surprised by how large they were, and may have chosen a different path if we'd realized how they would fit in the space.

Lauren C

Arash designed our living/dining space for us. He spent a lot of time understanding our style and going over our house in detail. In the first meeting, we spent over 4 hours just discussing design possibilities. We particularly liked how easy it was to work with him. He returned calls promptly, was quick to provide ideas, and took our feedback seriously. In the end, he designed custom sofas for us and ordered dining chairs/art/mirror pieces. He really elevated the look of our space from college-like to contemporary.

The quality of the pieces he brought in were great. As a note, expect a long lead time for custom pieces. While they take a long time to arrive, the quality is great and you get a unique piece to show off.

Kevin S

Great designer! Easy to work with, listens to your ideas and more importantly, applies his expertise to what you want. When we met for a consultation on my project, Arash showed me just how good he is when he walked in and was able to rearrange my living room, making it 1000% better. He made it more inviting, creating an amazing flow, showing off the beauty of pieces that seemed to be hiding with my placement. My bedroom is the project, so I'm really excited about what he will be able to do for me with an empty room. Can't wait!!!!!!!

Michele R

Arash has proven to be a reliable, professional and skilled interior designer, not only in terms of layout, but also in the creation of custom furniture and paint.

I hired Arash to design my "Bachelor Pad" - his recommendations on color, couch design and layout maximized the feel of space....tastefully.

I appreciate his candor: he is not afraid to tell me his opinion, show me examples and spend the time to explain his position in detail. His energy, excitement and passion also got me excited about the project.

As constructive, feedback to Arash, I would say that sometimes the energy was too high, but that is just a nitpick. I hope to do more business with him. Highly Recommended and more than happy to provide additional detail - Arash, just put that person in touch with me. Thanks.

Sean E

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